5 Reasons to Support Trump

The 2016 Presidential election, was perhaps, the most polarizing one, in recent memory. Regrettably, instead of the American citizens coming together, for the common excellent, and looking for a practical, meeting of the minds, we have actually witnessed a divided nation, where liberals/ progressives, have actually opposed conservatives, and there has been, precious, little, middle – ground, where well – intentioned individuals, have been ready, ready, and able to look for, a degree of compromise, etc! Those people, who have never ever supported, Donald Trump, have been challenged, to agree, to nearly anything positive, his being President of the United States, indicates and represents, and, therefore, are puzzled, when many of his core fans, still support him! With that in mind, this post will try to briefly take a look at, and talk about, 5 possibilities.

1. Naive, and think: Given that Mr. Trump, appears to hardly ever be honest, and to his critics, appears, to be, merely a hypocrite, with a self – serving, personal agenda, we often, can’t understand, why others, fail to consider these things, etc! One possibility is they are naive, and desire his rhetoric, to end up being truth, hold on to his management, and keep their belief in him, and his agenda!

2. Share his evident, predispositions, and prejudices: While our Constitution proclaims that, all guys are developed equal, the reality is, many, have particular predispositions and/ or bias, and feel, they are better, or more deserving than others! Goal observers think about much of Trump’s actions, concepts and approaches, to be based upon his understandings, bias, and bias, while his core fans, think about these to be truths, and match their belief – set! Polls show, the President’s core supporters/ base, is around 35% of the public, and in our political system, where we elect a President, using the electoral college, instead of the popular vote, somebody can be chosen, by attracting the typical threads, even if detractors, think about those to be un – American predispositions!

3. Purchase – into his populist rhetoric; and the economic promises, etc: Donald J. Trump preserves a superior capability, to comprehend populism, and how to market himself, etc! Is it possible, these people, continue to believe it, when he promises, a middle – class, tax cut, which is not, or fantastic medical insurance, which also didn’t adhere with reality! While others consider his program, to be more self – serving, than anything else, his core advocates appear to remain, prepared to believe in their hero!

4. Worries: Lots of Americans, today, are afraid of the threats, both from outside, as well as within, our country. Trump stokes these insecurities, with his constant, blaming and grumbling, and promoting positions, such as his southern – border wall, and his extremist immigration rhetoric!

5. Think he’s done what he guaranteed: Considering that President Trump, frequently, takes personal credit, for anything/ everything that works out, regardless. of whether he had much to do with it, and resorts to blaming others, when anything does not, a number of his core fans, appear to think he’s enhanced the economy, and made us safer! While objective observers believe, the long – term impacts of his tax reform plan, will be less than favorable, his advocates seem to be happy, with even a minimal tax reduction. While 70% of the general public will see a reduction in the quantity of taxes paid, and the optimum advantages, will go to the wealthiest 1% of the population, and the biggest corporations, the savings to the middle – class are short-lived, while tax cuts to the wealthy, are permanent! Brief – sighted, wishful thinking, might be the thread, that keeps Trump’s supporters, in his camp!

We are living in a divided America, where political leaders, such as Mr. Trump, appears to be focused, on politics, rather than serving the public’s requirements! Wake up, America, and consider, what this nation must represent, consisting of all the freedoms and rights!

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